Atari External Floppy Drive

Refurbished external 720K DS DD floppy disk drive for the 520, 1040 ST, STF, STFM, STE and Mega ST. £40

Atari ST STE Floppy Disc Drive

New replacement internal floppy disk drive for all Atari computers. The original drives are no longer available so this “PC Type” drive which has been modified will allow you to use 720K DS DD format on regular machines or 1.44mb HD on a Falcon & TT

NOTE: some small modification of the casing is needed to allow for the eject button on some computers

I have written an installation guide which is available upon request. New £20  (cream or black facia available)

Atari Mega STE Power Supply

Original UK/Europe 240v model Internal power supply for the Mega ST. (All models)  fitted with cooling fan.

New and unused. £25

Part no: C103416-001

Atari Mega STE / TT Power Supply

Original Mega STE / TT internal power supply.

Universal and works on all voltages.   110v - 240v

New. £45

Part no: C302074-001

NEW BOXED Atari Lynx mains 240V power supply for use with both MK 1 and MK 2 Lynx games systems.

Model:  PAG-1203               P/N: C103891-001

INPUT: 240V 50Hz 15W       OUTPUT: 9V DC   £15

Atari ST / STE Power Supply

Original 520 / 1040 STF / STFM and STE UK/Europe 240v internal power supply.

Refurbished with all new capacitors. £25

part no CA070086-002

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