Atari DMA Cable

19 pin ACSI DMA cable as used to connect a hard drive to the range of Atari ST / STE & Mega computers.


Atari Falcon Scart Cable

Falcon 030 scart cable

2 meters long.  Currently Unavailable

Atari Falcon VGA Cable

New Falcon 030 VGA monitor adaptor allows the Falcon to be connected to any CRT or flat screen monitor and display all 3 factory standard resolutions in colour. £30

New Falcon - Atari ST 13 pin monitor adaptor. £25

Operating System Roms:

Various European Languages Available

USA / French / German / Swedish

TOS 2.06 for the 520 / 1040 STE & Mega STE  £10

Falcon 030 TOS 4.01 (used system pull) £5

Atari ST Scart Cable

520 / 1040 ST / STF / STFM / STE / Mega ST / STE scart cable. New £15

The scart cable will display a much clearer picture than a standard RF (TV) cable

Atari ST VGA Adaptor with Sound

New ST-VGA adaptor allows any ST / STE to be connected to a PC type CRT or flat screen monitor to display a high resolution black and white picture only

Ideal for programs like Cubase / Notator £20

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Latest Stock Atari Falcon 13 Pin Monitor Adaptor