Atari DMA Cable

19 pin ACSI DMA cable as used to connect a hard drive to the range of Atari ST / STE & Mega computers.  £25

Atari Falcon Scart Cable

Falcon 030 scart cable

2 meters long.  Out Of Stock

Atari Falcon VGA Cable

New Falcon 030 VGA monitor adaptor allows the Falcon to be connected to any CRT or flat screen monitor and display all 3 factory standard resolutions in colour. £25

New Falcon - Atari ST 13 pin monitor adaptor. £20

Operating System Roms:

Various European Languages Available

USA / French / German / Swedish

TOS 2.06 for the 520 / 1040 STE & Mega STE  £10

Falcon 030 TOS 4.01 (used system pull) £5

Falcon 030 TOS 4.04 New - £15

Atari ST Scart Cable

520 / 1040 ST / STF / STFM / STE / Mega ST / STE scart cable. New £15

The scart cable will display a much clearer picture than a standard RF (TV) cable

Atari ST VGA Adaptor with Sound

New ST-VGA adaptor allows any ST / STE to be connected to a PC type CRT or flat screen monitor to display a high resolution black and white picture only

Ideal for programs like Cubase / Notator £20

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Latest Stock Atari Falcon 13 Pin Monitor Adaptor