Atari Mouse

New replacement internal floppy disk drive for all Atari computers

“PC Type” drive which has been modified will allow you to use 720K DS DD format on regular machines or 1.44mb HD on a Falcon & TT

Cream  £33 / Black  £25 / Used £20

External 720K DS DD floppy disk drive for the 520, 1040 ST, STF, STFM, STE and Mega ST.

Includes 14 pin din connection cable and power supply - £70

Original Mega ST / STE / TT External keyboard

Various languages available /new and refurbished, cleaned and fully tested.

Prices from £110 (for used)

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Latest Stock

Used mouse for Atari and Amiga

Various types available - £30


Original Atari STM 1 mouse

Cleaned tested and working. £45

External hard drive for the Atari ST/STE and Mega ST with at least 1mb memory (preferably 2 or 4mb recommended)

Complete with all cables and set up ready to go!

Different cases and configurations available - email for current stock options

£125 for a 45MB set-up

NOTE: picture is for illustration purposes only.

Atari External Floppy Drive Atari ST STE Floppy Disc Drive